Prompt & Professional

Vanessa was very thorough in her editing, asking the right questions and making sure my tale was consistent and well-shaped. At the final publishing end, she led me by the hand to make sure all eBook, hard copy printing, and web accounts were set up perfectly. And even though we live on different sides of the world, I could email my multiple questions and she would respond in a more than timely manner. Vanessa is also editing my second novel which I’m very excited about. I know I’m in good and professional hands.

— Michael Barley, Author of Mordred's Coals & Dark Ouroboros
​Mentor & Motivator

Vanessa is an editor who cares deeply about the projects she takes on and will invest herself in your creative work. She’s got very broad experience, which I appreciate. I enjoy working with someone who can look at a situation objectively, draw on their experience, and give a set of suggestions for how to move forward. Vanessa delivers a winning combination of traditional publishing experience as well as experience working with independent authors. Not only was she a great editor, she also played the role of mentor and motivator in my journey. 

— J D Easterling, Author of The Path of the Vestal
An Essential Part of the Team

Vanessa was wonderful to work with. She customized the timeline for my professional editing project, and she delivered as agreed. Her suggestions were all on point, followed the Chicago Manual of Style as requested, and made the book a better product. I considered her an essential part of the team bringing my book to market. I look forward to working with her again. I just wish we had connected when writing my earlier books.

— Darla DeMorrow, Author of The Upbeat, Organized Home Office
A Pleasure to Work With

Vanessa does excellent work! She is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and responsive. She prices her services fairly. She's just a pleasure to work with and the first person I turn to whenever I need publishing and design related services.

— Mark Bitz, CEO and Author of  Winning Practices for a Free, Fit, and Prosperous People.

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